Professor Arri Priimägi

Arri Priimägi was born in 1980 in Tallin, Estonia. He graduated in 2004 as a Master of Science and Technologu from the Tampere University of Technology and moved to the Helsinki University of Technology for carrying ot his doctoral studies.

After Priimägi got his PhD in 2009 from the Helsinki Univiersity of Technology he worked as a post-doc in Aalto University and moved in 2010 to Tokyo Institute of Technology (Japan). During the two years in Japan, Priimägi continued his work with photoreactive materials. After returning for one more year in Aalto university, he moved to Department of Chemistry, Materials, and Chemical Engineering, Politecnico di Milano, Italy.

In 2014 Priimägi started his tenure-track as an assistant professor in Tampere University of Technology, and turned three years later into associate professor and finally in 2019 to a full professor.

Professor Priimägi is intrigued by functional soft materials whose properties can be controlled by external stimuli. The main reasons are the scientific curiosity, and the belief that the disruptive technologies of tomorrow are ultimately driven by the development of advanced and creative materials concepts.

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