Dr. Petri Turhanen

Dr. Petri Turhanen, Ph.D, is university researcher at University of Eastern Finland (UEF), School of Pharmacy. He received M.Sc. in organic chemistry at University of Jyväskylä in 1997 and Ph.D. in synthetic organic and medicinal chemistry at University of Kuopio in 2003. His scientific interests are focused on synthetic chemistry with green chemistry aspect and on organophosphorus chemistry (like bisphosphonates and ATP analogues) and novel applications of prepared compounds. Dr. Turhanen has authored more than 50 publications and conference presentations being a main author in most of them, he also has 2 patents.

Dr. Turhanen is currently acting as Guest Associate Editor in Frontiers in Chemistry in Research Topic: “Phosphonate Chemistry in Drug Design and Development” and Guest Editor in Sustainability special issue: “Synthesis Methods with Green Chemistry Aspect”. He is also Editorial board member of Current Medicinal Chemistry.